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Can you think of a more efficient way to go about fighting poverty in Africa?
What's our favorite target? African university students? They're a gold mine!!!


 Let me use a short Question & Answer game to illustrate it.
Where would the US economy be today if it wasn’t for its top 500-1000 businesses and political figures? 
A1: Probably in deep trouble.
Where are you most likely to find the next generation of these top leaders?
The answer is simple: maintly in universities around the country - that’s probably why the US administration spends so much money every year ensuring that these young people get the best training possible.
Now consider the case of developing nations: with all the ongoing talk about empowering third-world populations to take care of their own problems, doesn’t it seem only logical that more attention should be given to African university students?
And yet......

An African student that has never heard of something as fundamental and simple as career services, for instance, is common place. We partner with these students across Africa to change things for at HelpforAfricanStudents, Inc, we believe that they are the most powerful tool these poor countries have when it comes to fighting poverty - they simply need to be educated on the tremendous role they can play SERIOUSLY empowered.

As all nonprofits out there, we heavily rely on donations - through them you make our job/mission possible - non-CASH as CASH donations are welcomed at HAS.
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A single piece of information received at a key moment of one's life can change a destiny.!
That's the power of information and that's what we do
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Scholarships for African Students

Study Abroad Resources

Higher Education in Africa
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Career Development
Resources for MS and Ph.D students in Africa

Financial aid for students across Africa

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  • Study in the USA
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Tons of study abroad-related information and advice compiled in one location + one-of-a-kind expert assistance for international students -  great educational resources for foreign students!



Directory of universities and vocational schools across Africa (A listings of grad/undergrad/vocational programs offered across Africa - organized by country)


An e-library where African students can download thousands of peer-reviewed articles - All high quality and FREE educational resources

Resources to help our students take those critical steps that could help them avoid joblessness after graduation



Who better than Africans to bring long-term solutions to issues that have plagued their continent for decades? Doing our part to help raise the next generation of African leaders (by the hundreds) is what we do at HelpforAfricanStudents, Inc (H.A.S).
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