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Are we meeting real needs?

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Are we meeting real needs?H.A.S.etudiezetrangerconsultant2

Yesssssss BUT

Let Africa students themselves do all the talking


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"Halleluiah to the help comin'to us we are proud of Africa". Frank



  • I want to thank the Australian government for giving us this opportunity to study in their country. Hope to learn new things during my study. Joshua Genrwot
  • It’s very interesting to know that there are organizations in this world like yours which help people to reach their targets. I’m from Ivory Coast and studied English at university of Bamako. After my study i realize that my English was not perfect. So i would like to improve my English level skill, afterwards specialize myself in the domain of technology. Mamadou guindo
  • Thank you very much for what you are doing—am so impressed by what I found out at your website as I was going through it. Mesfin asefha
  • Salut je viens de découvrir ce site et c'est très intéressant. Je voudrai savoir le processus pour décrocher très rapidement une bourse et aussi avoir une idée sur les frais d’études niveau licence au cas où l'obtention d'une bourse ne s’en suite pas. Merci à toute l'équipe! Julie
  • I am a congolese from DRC, I thank you a lot to have conceived such initiatives. I believe this opportunity will be very helpful for Africa, for my country and will promote development in Africa.
    May God be with you and bless you richly! David Kengwa
  • Warmly thanks for helping Africans. I am Rwandan; I need financial assistance, a scholarship to pursue my education so as to help my society. My target is a bachelors in medical laboratory am hopeful my request will be considered thanks – Mugabo
  • I found myself wondering how this great chance would benefit us, Africans, to cope up with so many challenges we are facing specially concerning education to help us build and develop our continent and nations and i appreciate the objective of this H.A.S. and believe that our future will be brighter. Thank you! Tibebu
  • I really want to thank you and your organization for your massive support to developing Africa as a whole. I’m a Nigerian …….may God almighty in his infinite mercy strengthen you and your organization, thanks.
  • Vous êtes les meilleurs c'est pour cela je vous choisis Adissa
  • I am interested in volunteering with H.A.S. Through my many volunteering works I have come to appreciate the joy of volunteering to make a difference and put that smile on those faces in my community and beyond. Mark Tetteh
  • I really thank you for this great opportunity you give Africans so that they can shape their future really I was touched. I would like to have more information about how to go about applying for scholarships thank you - Ishimwe anne sophie
  • It is a very good thing to help people who want to study abroad! I appreciate that - Walnique Cenat
  • I will to say thx you are trying to help us - Genet Abraha
  • Thank you for your deep and wide info regarding scholarship. I think this site is so resourceful to us, young Africans who have ever and still dream of studying in countries with vast of educational opportunities. God bless you! - Antony Makule
  • I must express that I am very happy to discover this site, and to know that an effort is being made to change the situation of African people - the way in fact is EDUCATION - Eddmundo Reginaldo
  • Salut je viens d'un pays très pauvre le Niger c'est une aubaine que Dieu nos offre - Ousmane IDDI
  • May God bless you for giving a chance to developing countries...thank you gezahegn abawa. Gezahegn abawa zeleke
  • Thank you HAS I got an opportunity Getaneh Melesse
  • Thanks to God for scholarship opportunities for Africans. Getaneh Melesse
  • Thanks for your service I am happy to see you giving me an opportunity of studying my master’s program. Thaoussi
  • The best entertaining mechanism of our era is idea. I got our website being the engine of these ideas which keeps me happy, a man of future, alert and productive. Hagos
  • I will be friend with you for ever - Mulu tilaye ayele
  • God bless you. thanks.- Nmoye blessing
  • Be strong for the development of Africans – Mohammed
  • Hello I thank you people very much for helping and encouraging young Africans all over the world, May Almighty God continue to Bless you people abundantly. I'm makou magdaline a young Cameroonian - makou magdaline
  • Thanks for your response. I wish to congratulate your organization on the work you are doing to assist Africans in pursing furhter studies in various areas. I do appreciate the feedback and will keep trying. By the way I do volunteer work teaching the Bible spending about 50 hours per month doing this work. I am also looking for other areas that I can do more community work.- Michelle
  • You are doing a good thing. Thank you for giving this opportunity. - Ayisa benti
  • I'm really very much impressed by the work you're doing helping those whose finance is a stumbling block to continue with their studies. I studied English and would like to get a PhD. Can someone help so as the dream become true? Remain blessed - MAKIADI NZUZI Thomas
  • HI am Mercy Seda; I am encouraged by the work your doing. Be blessed Mercy Akinyi Seda
  • Thank you very much for such great opportunities; many in Africa want to go far in their studies but rare are those that can afford it; this includes myself - so am happy for this site Beatrice
  • Hi everybody! I'm a bit happy for having found this website; it is helpful for us that dream of studies abroad but do not have enough money. Thanks. Issouf
  • Dear all, this is a very nice platform; here you can ask people to assist you in seeking the opportunities you are looking for. Many thanks for this site for helping the needy scientists of Africa. Maroof Adeniyi Akintoye
  • Hi am so grateful to join this website i think it will provide necessary information required to me. Ntaganira Eric
  • This opportunity given to us is so so important because it gives us a chance to seeing our dreams come true; so I thank whoever is in charge because this is good heart! Patrick
  • Thanks for bringing up such an initiative. Nic
  • I really appreciate the work that you are doing! It’s great! Thanks for helping those who as I are in need, God bless you, thank u - continue with your work. Gabriel Malambo
  • Thanks very much and I want to say I highly appreciate your good work for I know you guys are doing just the right thing in order to make the world and Africa a better place - I really want to say thanks for your good works. Keboa Thompson
  • Vraiment c'est avec la grande joie de vous écrire ce message enfin de vous remercier de votre initiative de donner une éducation forte aux jeunes africains.
  • I would like to be involved in the spectacular volunteering work that H.A.S is doing. Isaboke Abel
  • Thank you for your great work and help for Africans. I hope one day my dreams of studying abroad will become true- Seneza Gaston
  • Thank you, I have nothing to say other than thanks, this site is rich and inspiring. Think of the chance you are giving to Africans to know and to be well informed— that's a great chance for an education scholarship... you are the best Nnaemeka C Ezeufonna
  • It is my first time to see this page on the web & I am glad for that. I am hopefully looking forward to the best scholarship chances that may satisfy my interests in education. God bless you! Asrat Addisu Anjullo
  • Hi! Wishing you a year of success and prosperity
    I want to share my heartfelt appreciation for your organization's effort to connect to people like me from poor developing countries for our better future. We have the potential but lack the financial aspect to make our dreams come true. Samuel
  • I really appreciate your creativity in reaching out to and developing young people. Albert Kirui
  • Thank you for devoting yourself to creating future leaders - Paulina-Shari Stanley
  • It's very kind of you. Keep it up. Nyibizi Daniel
  • Hello, I just want to thank you for your help in my education. I am really grateful. God bless you! Uwizeye Charlotte
  • Salut a vous HAS! Très honore de voir une telle initiative de la part de nos frères africains. je suis camerounais étudiant en Ukraine depuis deux ans déjà. Sorel
  • Thank you, I have nothing to say than thanks, this site is rich and inspiring. Come to think of the chance you are giving to Africans to know and to be well informed - that’s great when it comes to scholarship. Am from Nigeria, I lives in Netherland. You are the best. Nnaemeka C Ezeufonna
  • I wish to say thanks to you as you are trying to solve the problem of developing countries in every dimension, especially in building the capacity of manpower which is a critical determinant of change—so keep on in this—God bless you. Melese Genete Muluneh
  • Hello — I would like to thank everyone here who has to tried to help people who need academic help. Edward
  • GOD bless u for the efforts you put into helping developing countries. Tesfaye Tsdesse
  • Hi, my name is Nyota from DRC— I'm very happy to see this website! Nyota Basirwa
  • I am from Ethiopia. IT’S GREAT; keep it up. If it’s GOD’s will one day I will join. Wendesen Haile
  • Thank you very much for what you are doing—am so impressed with what I found out at your website as I was going through it. Kyaligonza Fred
  • I am Sudanese and I appreciate your spirit of helping poor Africans to get opportunities to study broad. Really it's good—I hope that I get this chance to help my people too!
    thank u H.A.S I Am Sudanese
  • This site is really rich and inspiring; giving hope and opportunity indegents who wish to further their study. i must commend that this is really great.
    I just completed my first degree in "African Languages, Literatures and Communication Arts (BSC)" with First Class Hons, and i need scholarship to study my Masters abroad. Yinka Shoniregun
  • This is indeed a great job you are doing here especially for the African. Thank you so much for investing in Human Capital Development and impacting the world at large positively. I am a Nigerian with BSc Sociology but i seriously need scholarship for my MSc abroad. Thank YOu. Segun Oni
  • Thanks and love you. May God bless you for helping Africans. - Abayneh Badeg
  • Je trouve ce site très intéressant et important pour les étudiants, surtout ceux qui comme moi voudrais terminer leurs études à l'étranger. - Honorine BANCO
  • This opportunity is so good for us thank you very much - Sahaletou Marie YELEBO
  • You have been doing a great job. I like the way you inspire scholarship seekers. I am hopeful that the statement u posted on your wall will come true “Failure is a stepping stone to success". Thank ... Tegegn
  • Thanks u 4 all your support - Javeed Baloch
  • I am very grateful for what you had done for me. - Matthias Brown
  • Thank you for the newsletter. It has really helped me and the information you sent will go a long way in helping me get a scholarship. God bless you. - Victoria Changara
  • Thanks so much for the invaluable and extremely important
    information. Its high time that young people and especially, Africans should realize that they are born for a specific purpose and that they have the responsibility to do all their best to make both their lives and the world around them a better place to live. - Rairo Joseph
  • This is the right place ....thank you very much for this website. May Almighty God bless the creators and initiator of this - John Okoth
  • Thank you very much for your website , I continue to explore It Dr Georges Kikuni
  • This is an excellent platform and really i think there is hope. In my society today, I see young girls and boys with great potential who have their dreams shattered because of financial challenges. Now I can say there is hope. Thanks. Josephine Namakau Pumulo
  • Thanks for this wonderful message:
    “Always keep this in mind: others have succeeded and so can you.
    "Failure is a stepping stone to success"
    Relentlessly seek for opportunities. Above all be patient, open-minded/ keep your eyes opened. Before spending a penny on another degree ask yourself
    all the right questions, talk to people/your professors/leaders in your community.
    What you do or fail to do today is what will shape your future nothing else.
    FOCUS!” Philemon Seth Ackom
  • May Allah keep on blessing you—thank you - Ibrahim Abdulhak Sualah
  • I am Saintilus Jeanlin, a graduate student in management. I really appreciate your good will to help developing countries.- Saintilus Jeanlin
  • It is great to have come across your website. - Tyson Akwa
  • Thank you very much - Egbokhan Adugna
  • I am from Nigeria and in Edo state. My greetings to you all—thanks and God bless – David
  • HELLO dear— how are you? Thanks firstly for scholarships for African students. My name is Abebaw Biders Tiruneh—I am from Ethiopia. Thanks. - Abebaw
  • This is a source of joy for me. Thanks Asmatullah
  • I need this, because I want to grow up- Ablikim Yasin
  • I love this - Itoro Sunday Essen
  • I appreciate you in that you help developing countries. - Yonas Haile Michael
  • I appreciate you in that you help developing countries. - Mulugeta Badima
  • Good work - Kyome Phillip
  • This is an invaluable support for the course of many intelligent but marginalized students in Africa and around the world. Great plan for a lasting impact. - Remy Nyewie
  • Thanks for helping developing countries because there are many problems in developing countries, such as poverty, inequality and unemployment—the most difficult problems in these countries. The stud... - Temam
  • I have a dream that one day I will succeed. Thanks a lot for your information and advice. - Tamirat Negash
  • I am very grateful for what you have done for me. - Matthias Brown
  • It is good to help one another and make a difference. - Ayele
  • I think this is amazing because there are a lot of African students out here who greatly need this assistance and above all merit it. Please would love to be a volunteer—how do I get there? Thanks. - Gwen
  • It's so amazing and interested to be part of this - Emmanuel
  • Thanks for the great job done . Thanks for keeping us posted and bringing us closer to realizing our dreams of studying abroad. - Ssali Nobert
  • Merci pour ce site très intéressant. - Mbalivoto Papy
  • I do appreciate your works of charity. I pray that through your organization, the dreams of many will come true, and our continent will be a better place. - Ayonghe Christian

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