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  • Succeeding in life is something we all aspire to, and going abroad is seen by many as the ideal way to achieve this goal. In reality, things are not so simple.
  • What many do not know is that the mere transit from a poor nation to another packed with opportunities cannot, in itself, guarantee a better future. This error of judgment and the resulting troubles cost families and governments around the world millions of francs each year.
  • What we so often forget is that so much depends on the student's ability to (1) identify and (2) take advantage of opportunities that may arise abroad.
  • Going abroad could and should normally be your chance to an extraordinary destiny - EVERYTHING is in the preparation.



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Contrary to popular belief, developed nations are not an Eldorado where money covers the streets and your every wish comes true. The seriousness put into the preparation for your departure will determine which of the following groups you will belong to upon graduation:

  1. ·         The group of those who after finishing their studies have found the job / internship of their dreams and are very successful/enjoying life - the dream of everyone!
  2. ·         The group of those who after completing their studies were forced to accept a so-so job and are struggling to make ends meet.
  3. ·         The group of people for whom things went so wrong that they never found a job after graduation.


Studying abroad is a project that requires A LOT of seriousness in the preparation

International students that go abroad every year can be split into 2 categories:




(1) Those who are capable of funding their own studies – a huge investment but tons of flexibilities.  If you are thinking about going abroad for studies and can afford it we have all sorts of ressources here for you.

(2) Those who are unable to fund their studies and as such are heavily  dependent on scholarships.If you belong to this category we have a nice guide here to lead you through the process of securing the funds you will need.



The purpose of this site is to help both groups - on the one side, to help those who are capable of funding their own studies to capitalize on the huge investment that represents the journey abroad; and, on the other side, to help those who are limited financially to find a way to go.

All sorts of resources were gathered on this website for you.

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