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Some scholarships require that prior to applying, the student has secured an admission into a program. If this is the case of the scholarship you are applying for, here are some advice concerning admission to universities.

Your application form should be neat and clear to create a good impression. Unless it specifically asks you to complete the forms by hand, use a typewriter or word processor. You should fit your information into the application form provided and only use additional pages where necessary. Keep your personal information consistent and always spell your name the same way on all documents. This will help schools keep track of your application materials more easily. Remember that large universities handle thousands of student records annually.

Usually, the university will require your entire scholastic record from secondary school and/or university sources in a similar manner.

The U.S. school may furnish special forms on which authorities at your school are asked to write your grades and academic performance relative to other students in your institution.

If such forms are not provided, your school still will be expected to submit official documents that provide this kind of information on university letterhead with the school stamp. If the admissions officer requests an explanation of the grading and class ranking system or descriptions of courses that you have taken, this information should be furnished by an official of your school or university, if possible.

U.S. universities will either evaluate your grades and documents themselves, or they sometimes require international applicants to pay an outside company, called a credential evaluator, to evaluate your documents.

As requested, send certified copies of the originals of diplomas, degrees, or professional titles, and copies of full records of your performance in any comprehensive examinations administered in your home country. U.S. admissions officers prefer that transcripts of previous educational work be sent with your application in an envelope sealed by your former school or sent directly from the school. Do not send original documents unless there is no alternative; usually they cannot be returned. Copies should be certified with an official seal from the school or university, or certified by a public official authorized to certify such documents.

If English translations are necessary, you may use the services of a professional translator or translate the documents yourself. Such translations must also be certified by an acceptable agency. Some EducationUSA information and advising centers translate and certify documents to assist you with the application process. There may be a charge for such services. Do not attempt to convert your school results and courses into American terms. Instead, try to provide as much background information as possible on the grading system used and the types of degrees awarded.

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