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Here's a fact: How well you do when it comes to business largely depends on one thing: the dexterity you show running your day-to-day affairs. This, in turn, chiefly depends on your mastery of basic business concepts/how-to’s pertaining to your particular type of business – WHICH IN TURN depends on your level of knowledge when it comes to marketing and finance techniques, venture capital, public relations, import/export, entrepreneurship, basic accounting, etc . What I just listed are the core skills required for cutting-edge business and the reasons why every year thousands and thousands of people (company employees, small business owners, CEOs) embark on the well-trodden path leading to an MBA (the business degree par excellence).

This being said, can you think of any businessman/woman or employee in a company seeking a promotion who wouldn’t welcome the chance of adding an MBA to their CV? The answer is NO.

What is the biggest stumbling block when it comes to earning an MBA?

MBAs, especially in the country that is host to the best institutions in the world, are one of the most expensive programs in the world - they ought to be: they were designed to boost one’s abilities/natural talents when it comes to seeking money/increasing business income. The average MBA program in the US will cost you between $50-80K. 


What’s the great news I have for you?etudesEtats-unis4 

Right in the heart of America, there is an MBA program that will cost you $20K tops.

  • Complete in as little as 15 months
  • Less than $10,000 tuition (for academically qualified students)
  • Accredited by ACBSP • No GMAT Required
  • Open to French-speaking students and conditional admission available with enrollment in the CSC Intensive English Program



We can get you admission.

Will you contact us today?

The burning question: is this a scam?

The answer is "no": for anyone to scam you out of your money they need to put their hands on it first. At HAS we limit ourselves to guiding you step by step through the application process. Your money remains in your possession at all times. Your tuition will be paid by you IN PERSON after your arrival in the US.

OK… Interested?                                        


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