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You landed on this page because you are considering making a noncash donation to our organization so, for staters, thanks. Even though we are the one on the field, it is people like you that truly drive changes in this world for you make our mission possible.

Allow me to tell you about our latest project.

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PREFACE - Ample documentation points to the fact that in the contemporary global moment the failure to master the English language can seriously hamper an individual’s chances of vocational success. Moreover, this doesn’t apply to individuals only; as the same study has demonstrated, overall, countries that have English as the first language tend to be more prosperous. It's not at all difficult to understand why: our world has turned overnight into a ‘small village’ which first language is English! Ignorance of the English language can be a staggering handicap when you consider that English is THE language of science and technology, aviation, medicine, etc.; it also is the language used in international business and trade, diplomacy and communication, etc. To put it plain and simple, with only 3 to 4 countries in the developed world that speak French, a person who doesn’t master English at this period in history is comparable to a Cameroonian who, living in a French-speaking village, masters his/her mother tongue to perfection but doesn’t understand a word of French – you be the judge as to how far such a person can go.

[i] EF English Proficiency Index 2013

*Source: CIA World Factbook, Exports per Capita, 2011

In partnership with a couple of universities in Africa (this year: The Université Catholique d'Afrique Centrale-ESS and The Institut Supérieur de Management Appliqué ), we decided to provide African university students with a cost-effective way out. We are building language centers!

A world leader in the field has already donated the course material needed. What’s left?

    • Networked computers,
    • Servers
    • High capacity printers
    • 100-KVA generator
    • VSAT equipment and internet connectivity bandwidth


If you can donate any of those we will be so greatful. Simply fill the form below and our team will contact you. There are so many ways to help: (1) you can do so personally or (2) refer us (3) talk about us to someone who can.





Thanks for considering making a donation. We welcome any sort of assistance. Please enter the details of your non-CASH donation - Thanks again: *







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