Help for African students: Simple tips to avoid joblessness

Truth being said, there are many African students heading towards joblessness right now. Wondering if this includes you and if yes, whether or not it is too late?

Let's start with the good news.  You can significantly reduce the probability of finding yourself unemployed tomorrow (especially if you haven't "wondered" too far just yet). HOW?

Very simple: a purpose-driven education! THAT'S ALL YOU NEED to drastically reduce the probability that after years of painstaking education and sacrifice you won’t find yourself unemployed. Want to avoid joblessless? Make a commitment that starting today, anything you do education-wise will be for a specific purpose, something other than just GETTING A DEGREE. YES, it is utterly important to get an education BUT we need to do this with a clearly defined purpose in mind.That's the whole idea behind the concept of a purpose-driven education.

  • What does a "purpose-driven education" mean?
  • How do you get started? Our step by step guide is provided at the end of this article.

IMPORTANT REMINDER* Though a degree IS the usual endpoint of education, obtaining a degree should NOT be the purpose of getting an education. Unfortunately, this is a trap people have fallen into for ages, not only in Africa but in countries around the world as well. Unfortunately for our youth, afaulty thought process has been passed on for generations and has resulted in the chaos faced by a variety of nations today. The minute one gets a high school diploma the sail is set for a bachelor's, then a master's, then a doctorate. Few are those who, before getting themselves involved in the long process that is education, develop a clear purpose.

IS IT TOO LATE FOR YOU? For current freshman, BS, and MS students, and to a certain extent PhD students, IT IS NOT TOO LATE. All you have to do to reduce the probability of finding yourself struggling down the road is simply to make some critical changes today


The purpose of getting an education should be to earn specific skills to impart desperately needed changes in a specific sector of activity. Students need to identify the sector of activity and the specific changes they want to dedicate their life towards implementing. A purpose-driven education implies that the student's choice of programs A and B is dictated by the desire to earn specific/necessary skills to become an active participant in the resolution of problem x, y and/or z in a near future. Such students become passion-driven and frankly are the ones who easily obtain all sorts of scholarships and later on become world leaders. A purpose in life is a tremendous force.

A purpose-driven education implies that before or shortly after a student enters an undergrad, grad or professional program, he/she has chosen a career USING THE STEP BY STEP APPROACH AND FOLLOWING THE ADVICE PROVIDED ON THIS WEBSITE OR ELSEWHERE.




Our team went through a lot of trouble to make things as easy as possible for you: how? By gathering all sorts of resources right here for you.

Several articles are presented below - we suggest that you read them again and again and apply the recommendation they contain.






STEP 1: choosing a purpose

STEP 2: choosing a career

STEP 3: drafting a professional/career plan - a simple rough draft will do

STEP 4: finally, going on with your education.

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