Poor countries are not THE place in earth where problems occur. Rich nations have their own challenges! Cancer kills more people in the US than …………

Where does the difference lies?

Though load with (their own) issues developed nations get by thanks to a working system, i.e., 2 set of individuals that are dedicated to finding solutions:

  • you have a heavily empowered and loaded workforce made of some of the brightest minds on this planet – passionate individuals with a strong sense of citizenship and
  • you have an outstandingly working educational system adding hundreds and hundreds more to that workforce ANNUALLY - an educational system which is NOT A DEGREE MAKING MACHINE but is built to foster the emergence of bright and most importantly passionate individuals with a strong sense of citizenship.

This is not the case in Africa!

What breaks my heart is that in view of the little emphases dedicated to particular issue especially compare to others, there seems to be an illusion that all that can be bypassed in the case Africa.