What is HelpforAfricanStudents, Inc. (H.A.S.)?


An American nonprofit organization which sole raison d’être is to partner with African students /students from developing countries in their daily struggles toward a better education.



Infectious diseases, civil war, and political corruption and instability are the lot of far too many African countries which are also, unfortunately, among the poorest of the world.


Though a number of upstanding organizations dedicated to facilitating the survival of these afflicted populations are already in existence, a greater emphasis on long-term solutions and radical changes is desperately needed.


At H.A.S. we firmly believe that the only people capable of bringing such changes about are Africans themselves, especially these young men and women that populate African university campuses today. They are the future of the continent of Africa and our main focus at H.A.S. 


Our objective is very simple: to assist and guide them towards a brighter future by providing them with critical information related to educational opportunities. At H.A.S. we have adopted the following slogan—“Information is the driving force to success”—because we acknowledge the key role information plays in both personal and national development. Information is a powerful tool; used efficiently, it can save lives. 


Although we are in the era of a global information explosion and life-changing opportunities flood the internet, access to this information remains limited for many Africans because of financial hardships, language barriers, and other attendant obstacles. At H.A.S., we have engineered simple programs and techniques to help lower these barriers.


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